Four persons including three women were killed in separate incidents of vendetta and mishaps over the past 24 hours.According to detail, in TOBA TEK SINGH a girl allegedly murdered her mother over a domestic dispute in Chak 742/GB near Kamalia the other day. Deceased Parveen Masih exchanged harsh words with her daughter Kanwal Masih over some issue at which she attacked with a rifle of her father and shot her mother dead on the spot. The Kamalia Police have arrested the accused.In SARGODHA, one Junaid strangled his 19-year-old wife Gulnaz in Jinnah Colony in the remit of Jhal Chakian Police here on Tuesday. According to sources that after the accused started quarrelling with his wife soon after she gave birth to a daughter. Tightened a rope around her neck and strangulated her to death. The police shifted the dead body to the DHQ Hospital for autopsy. In other incident Haiderabad Town Trade Association office-bearer Malik Abdul Rauf was gunned down by his opponents over old enmity. The police have registered a case against the accused.Similarly in SHEIKHUPURA, a woman was shot dead by her brother over a family feud in village Mian Aali in the remit of Khanqah Dogran Police. According to details, the accused Azam had quarrelled with his sister Sobia over some family matter and after exchange hot words he opened fire, killing her instantly. The Khanqah Dogran Police are looking into the matter.