Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) chief Altaf Hussain says that the “Titanic” of the Muslim Ummah is sinking and that immediate steps should be taken before “the whole ship collapses and finally sinks.”

Speaking during a telephonic address to the Rabita Committee, Hussain recalled the promises that were made to those on the Titanic and said they were similar those being made to the Pakistani population.

The bureaucrats and higher officials sitting on the upper decks of the ship had no idea about the ship sinking so much so that they were unaware of the water that had entered the lower ranks of the ship, Hussain said.

He said that when the Titanic was sinking, the higher officials on the upper parts of the ship continued to indulge in their lavish lives of eating and drinking whilst the lower parts of the ship were being destroyed. However, he said that sooner or later the

upper portion was destroyed as well, killing everyone that was on board.

The MQM chief then gave an example of such misleadings when the radio in West Pakistan stated that Pakistani armed forces were victorious on all fronts against the Indian forces in East Pakistan, while in reality 93,000 Pakistani soldiers were laying down their arms to Indian forces at that time.

“I hope they don’t forget what I am saying today as merely a story,” said Hussain.

Hussain said that what was shameful was that the false promises that are being made in Pakistan are still being made.

Statements such as these are putting people in a delusion, like they have been put in delusions in the past, said Hussain.

The MQM chief said that he will talk in detail about the ship’s captain, those running the ship and other staff in his next address to the Raabta Committee.