I am a high school teacher who has been working in a famous institution of Pakistan for nearly seven years now. I teach in the Model School affiliated to ‘Sindh Madrassah -Tul-Islam’ University Karachi (SMUI). Recently 34 employees including me were terminated from our services and our posts have been re-advertised in the newspaper to facilitate the appointment of the Vice Chancellor's favorites. We were not given any reason for our termination. Government of Pakistan ordered the regularisation of all employees from grade 1-15 in 2008. All employees were regularised only Sindh Madrassah’s employees were not regularised.

Our Vice Chancellor is defiant; he is defying any rules and obligations preventing the hard working and highly qualified and experienced teachers, lecturers and lower grade employees of SMIU. Recently, a resolution was passed by the Sindh assembly to regularise the services of all contract employees in Sindh, but Sindh Madrassah’s VC is defiant as ever. He has received so many letters from Governor Sindh and Secretary Sindh education department but there has been no response from him.


Karachi, June 21.