The newly elected PML-N needs to understand that they knew what state the government was in when they were making the promises in their speeches before elections, so this is one smoke screen they cannot hide behind! The nation understands that they could have done something to help the matters under the eighteenth amendment but they preferred to be a very mild and happy opposition.

Now it is the need of the hour that all political forces in Pakistan should cooperate with each other and form a consensus, at least on major national issues like terrorism, national security, economy and social sector. People have suffered enough, due to the verbal one-man ship of our leaders. The federal and the provincial governments have inherited a host of problems.

It has been stated repeatedly that no party can solve the problems faced by the country single-handedly and unaided, therefore the opposition, while criticizing the government, should also offer valuable and practical suggestions and its support to the government for the sake of national interest, and the government for its part can patiently listen to such criticism and try to incorporate any good suggestions into their policy which come from media or the opposition.


Rawalpindi, June 23.