ISLAMABAD- Pakistan urged neighboring Afghanistan to take “necessary measures on its side of the border to stop the fleeing terrorists” from North Waziristan tribal region, from finding any sanctuary on Afghan soil.

Pakistan is concerned that militants could enter Afghanistan from North Waziristan, where the security forces have started a major offensive against the Taliban and their affiliated foreign militants . Hundreds of thousands have fled the war zones and over 6000 have also crossed the Afghan side of the border according to the UN refugee agency. There are concerns in Pakistan that militants could enter Afghanistan with the uprooted people.

Pakistan Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Tasnim Aslam said Islamabad is confident, Afghan forces will take security measures along the common border to stop the entry of militants .

Speaking at her weekly briefing she recalled that Pakistan had taken extraordinary measures including restriction of movement and deployment of additional troops on the border when presidential elections took place in Afghanistan on June 14, 2014.

“These security measures were appreciated not only by the Afghans but the international community as well,” she said.