LAHORE - Advisor to Chief Minister Punjab on Health Kh Salman Rafiq on Wednesday said that vaccination of children of IDPs of North Waziristan was essential for controlling polio.
Talking to media after administering polio drops to children at Chauburji Quarters, he said that a special anti-polio campaign had been carried out in Lahore in the wake of positive environmental sample in May. He said that a similar campaign had also been launched in Sheikhupura and Rawalpindi. He informed that some 8000 health workers were taking part in the campaign to administer polio drops to 1.6million children in Lahore. He said that 0.6million children in Rawalpindi and 0.15m in Sheikhupura would be dosed.
Pointing that a large number of people were migrating from Waziristan to other parts of the country, he said that the provincial government would make arrangements with the cooperation of federal government for the vaccination of children at camps.
On the occasion, Junaid Jamshaid, a renowned figure, appealed to the parents to get their children vaccinated to save them from permanent disability. He dispelled the apprehension of a segment of the society, saying that there was nothing harmful in the vaccine. He said that his entire family had got children vaccinated. He hoped that like other countries, polio would be eradicated from Pakistan very soon. He lauded the efforts of Punjab government for keeping the province polio free.