ISLAMABAD- Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif stated that Pakistan’s future was conjoined with democracy and the constitution, adding that elections alone could bring about national revolution.

These views were expressed during talks with a delegation of the Pakistan Bar Council.

According to him, the revolution-oriented slogans of certain politicians underlie their vested interests. For him however, revolution emerges from the power of the ballot.

The PM had also claimed that operation Zarb-e-Azb would foment peace in the country through the termination of terrorists . Regarding talks with the Taliban, Nawaz Sharif had stated that terrorists were the ones responsible for the failure of the dialogue process. He had further declared that terrorist sanctuaries would be demolished to effectually remove any possibility for their reformation.

He remarked that Pakistan stood by its armed forces, expressing his confidence in the troops’ successful endeavour of flushing out the terrorists .

According to him, the IDPs would not be left in disarray; they would receive all state resources from the government as support. Sharif had appealed to all segments of society to approach and join the government for this rehabilitation.

He had informed the delegation that the tenure of the incumbent democratic government would transform the fate of Pakistan; it would improve national integrity, strengthen its international trade network, and by overcoming the energy crisis provide the impetus for the nation’s path to progress.