Some rulers in history are known for grand structures but cursed for ignoring people’s welfare; some may not be remembered for grand structures but are remembered for making the life of the common man better and safer. Our rulers, who prefer the latter, could be remembered as good rulers if they adopted a few less expensive measures to provide maximum possible comforts to people. For example, the payment of all bills could be done on one day, remittance of National Savings profits to bank accounts, of pensioners and senior citizens could be transferred electronically every month. Minimising affidavits and introducing certification, within departments on nominal charges; bus stop with sheds could be built; drinking water and toilets at suitable places; concrete benches in bazaars for senior citizens and handicap to rest and regular inspection to replace stolen manhole covers.

Worthy rulers may please like to decide whether they would like to patronise the concept of making life of the common man easier and safer by adopting simpler and less expensive measures or build grand transport system for a few?


Rawalpindi, June 22.