China has shown support for Pakistan at the UN by squashing a resolution that demanded action against Pakistan for releasing Lashkar-e-Taiba leader Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi, the suspected mastermind of the 2008 Mumbai attacks. China blocked the move on the ground that New Delhi provided insufficient information and that it was politically motivated. They said that the Indian letter to the Security Council’s Al-Qaeda Committee complaining that the release of Lakhvi on bail was a violation of the 15-member body’s sanctions regime, was “technically and factually” incorrect.

While the case of Lakhvi’s activities in India is indeed suspect, and the man way well be deserving of punishment, the takeaway from China’s move is that it is acting as an ally, and not just as an economic partner to Pakistan. This is one relationship that seems to be going well for us and must be fostered. The other observation is that China is also wary of India. It remains to be seen if China’s containment of Indian aggression will continue. Early in June in Dhaka Prime Minister Modi said India had made “significant contributions to the world peace” and it must be given UNSC permanent membership. Whatever these contributions are, they remain a mystery. India feels entitled to more international power, and its sense of entitlement and ego stands in the way of any progress on the issue of Kashmir and peace with Pakistan. Modi has successfully broken any exiting bridges between the two countries. The fate of India’s bid to become a permanent member is mainly in the hands of the veto-wielding permanent members of the UNSC, and China is the only permanent member that has yet to extend unequivocal support to India. Can the current stand of China on the case of Lakhvi be seen as Chinese disapproval of India’s bid? After all, Indian politics in the Security Council will never be motivated by concerns for peace, but concerns for its own power. Maybe that is why they are stalling on the Kashmir issue. Once in the Council permanently, they can themselves engineer a deal of their choosing.