This is with reference to the news titled “Outages fuel Sharif’s frustration” dated June 21, 2015. I fail to understand the logic behind grilling of the Secretary Water & Power when the country sustains the burden of a Federal Minister of Water and Power with a State Minister in tow? Why didn’t the PM relieve both the ministers or ask for their resignations rather than grilling the secretary?

He won’t because temperamentally the PM does not have the strength of character to send the ministers packing! The inability of the Nawaz government to project any crises is its hallmark, petrol and CNG crises and now this so predicted electricity shortage. The Ministery for Water & Power could not predict the surge in electricity demand, with the ever rising temperature, just like it could not predict the rise in fuel consumption with the reduction in its price. Nawaz government won’t learn from its follies, the government was advised not to spend on one Metro bus project in Rawalpindi Islamabad at the cost of health, education and safe drinking water projects. Photograph of meetings with Secretary Water and Power, without holding his two concerned ministers accountable, won’t mitigate the problems.


Rawalpindi, June 21.