ISLAMABAD - Jamshed Dasti, the independent MNA famous for his bombastic statements and rowdy behaviour, still believes that the price of Finance Minister Ishaq Dar’s wristwatch is not less than Rs5 million.

“If Finance Minister Ishaq Dar allows for an auction of his watch, it will easily be purchased by someone on Rs5 million,” said Jamshed Dasti while talking to The Nation.

This huge amount can be distributed among poor people of the country if Speaker Ayaz Sadiq arranges auction of Dar’s wristwatch, the lawmaker said. “I am still sticking to my words. What is the use of wearing such a costly watch by finance minister when the country is constantly taking foreign loans?” asked Dasti.

The lawmaker from Muzzafargarh says he intends to take up the issue on the floor of the National Assembly. “This matter should not be stopped at this stage as further exposures about wealth of the ruling party leaders will follow,” he said.

The wristwatch debate began when Jamshed Dasti, around a week before in budget session, pointed out that Ishaq Dar and other ministers were living a life of immense luxury. He then went on to claim that the finance minister had a Rs5 million wristwatch in his use.

The finance minister, in a clever defence, unhooked his watch and handed it to Dasti, saying that he may give the money to charity if he is able to sell it for Rs5 million.

“If you get Rs50,000, give it for charity,” Dar challenged Dasti during the budget debate in the National Assembly.

Dasti, on second day of this conversation with Dar, once again claimed that he received a phone call last night and a person offered to pay Rs0.3 million for Dar’s watch.

Dasti is no stranger to making fantastical claims. Few years ago, he had also alleged that liquor and dance parties were arranged in the parliament lodges. However, his claims could not be proven after a parliamentary investigation was launched.