Lahore - Like other parts of the globe, Pakistan will observe the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking today (Sunday).

It is an occasion with much conscious fervour for creating mass awareness among the masses regarding hazards of drug addiction and illegal trafficking.

During this year, the Anti Narcotic Force (ANF) registered 669 cases, arrested 855 persons including 9 foreigners, and also recovered 18.698 ton Opium, 3.682 ton Heroin, 46.788 ton Hashish, 1.468 ton Morphine, 2.622 ton Amphetamine, 1.620 Kg Cocaine, 106.69 Kg Methamphetamine, 33290 Psychotropic tablets and 22.16 metric ton Precursor Chemical.

The value of recovered narcotics and precursors is estimated at US$836.314 million in international market.

In addition to that, ANF has frozen assets worth Rs301.5556m while auctioned seized property worth Rs6.95m during current year.

In respect of Drug Demand Reduction, the ANF treated 318 drug addicts at its three ANF hospitals located at Islamabad, Quetta and Karachi, besides carrying out 195 awareness activities encompassing walks, lectures, sports events, free medical camps, workshops, poster competitions, musical shows and distribution of promotional and informational material.