Media influence has grown exponentially with time. The media boom has also brought revolutionary change in the moral and ethics of the society. 

Describing the role of media in Pakistan the first mainthing is that there is a lot of glamour introduce in media. They cross all their limits and it is very difficult to see various programs with family. Many vulgar activities are going in media due to few bad persons who are the part of media due to political influence. Another negative role is that still there is not any role about promotional advertisement. Few bad ad’s cause bad effect on the mind of immature children. Specially our social media who are promoting or socializing wrong things like current example of Qandeel Baloch, sucide attempt of medical student, love affairs these all things are destroying our media and is putting bad impact on our society. 

Now its is necessary that a role should be introduced tp resolve negative roles and put limitations on media. If these matters are resolve then media role in Pakistan can cause progress in Pakistan. 


Karachi, May 4.