The world around us is changing and it’s changing fast – and it is not all for the best. Gone are the days when people strived to learn just to increase their knowledge, to be enlightened. In today’s world, people study just for the sake of it, or rather, just for the scope of it. In our society, whenever a student mentions what they are studying or planning to pursue as a career, the first question they are asked is “what is the scope?” Nobody cares if they like what they are studying, or if they are even good at it. Students are hardly ambitious anymore, they don’t have the guts to chase their dreams, all they are chasing is one mad urge to get a job and earn money, because they believe that’s where their happiness lies, what they fail to see is the misery that will arise as a result of their non –satisfying careers. This is what happens to society where materialistic desires are valued more than one’s inner peace and happiness. This is hardly a step towards a progressive future, in fact it is a step back to a primitive society where people lacked judgment and didn’t understand the true purpose of life. 


Karachi, May 4.