LAHORE - Film director Syed Noor yesterday announced he will make a biopic film on the life of qawwal Amjad Sabri who was gunned down in Karachi by unidentified assailants in broad daylight earlier this week.

Noor who was guest speaker at a reference seminar organised at Punjab Institute of Language Art and Culture (PILAC) in the memory of slain qawwal also highlighted the plight of artist community living in a continuous state of fear and sorrow.

The seminar was attended by large number of showbiz, artist and entertainment fraternity. Along with the artists, a number of people from all walks of life along with journalists also participate to show solidarity with the showbiz industry.

On the occasion, film director Syed Noor, showbiz personality Abbas Dar, singers Shoukat Ali, Rafaqat Ali Khan, Nadeem Salamat, Khalid Butt, Jawad Ahmed, Humera Arshad, film director Pervaiz Kaleem, film star Noor, Pakistan Hockey coach and former Olympian Khuwaja Junaid, Tarriq Tafu and others were present and spoke on the occasion.

Syed Noor said when he was in London with late Amjad Sabri, the latter asked him to make a film on his life and inquired about the expenditures on making a film. “Amjad told me he will bear all the expenditures,” said Syed Noor.

“I asked him how much money he has in his pocket right now, which the legend qawwal responded that he had only few pounds at that moment. I asked him ‘No problem’; that was my fee to which Sabri cried while hugging me,” he said.

Noor, during the seminar, vowed to make the unfinished project and to make the film now matter the about the scarcity of resources. “I will make a film on life of Amjad Sabri and that will be tribute from myself to the legend,” he announced.

Jawad Ahmed said Sabri was not an ordinary flamboyant personality. “He was a sweet and humble personality with open and generous heart,” he added.

Classical singer Rafaqat Ali Khans said artists were the ‘creative minority’ of the society and the artist fraternity who was part of intelligentsia throughout their life wanted to put smiles on faces of the majority.

Humera Arshad was of the view that the government polices of raising taxes on music industry have been discouraged the music industry and it undermined the culture of peace and coexistence in our country.

The participants also offered prayers for the departed soul.