KASUR-At least 1,787 policemen have been deployed across the district to guard Eid congregations, DPO Syed Ali Nasir Rizvi said.

The DPO told the media that the district police have taken effective measures to guard 450 congregations at mosques and Imambargahs on Eidul Fitr. He said security has been enhanced, especially in sensitive declared areas of the district. “Policemen will be deployed on rooftops of nearby buildings of Eid congregation so that suspects’ movement could be monitored and any eventuality could be thwarted,” the DPO informed the media. Muhafiz and Elite force personnel will conduct patrol in surroundings of Eid congregations so that people could offer prayer in a secure environment, he added. The DPO said that one SP, six DSPs, 28 inspectors, 96 sub-inspectors, 160 assistant sub-inspectors, 124 head constables, 1,067 constables, 32 lady constables and 255 police volunteers will perform duty on Eid. Besides, the traffic police personnel will be there to make the traffic flow smooth, he added.

The DPO warned that violators of Amplifier Act will be dealt with sternly. Similarly, displaying arms and aerial firing is also prohibited and violators will be punished as per the law, he added. The DPO said there is a great hustle and bustle in markets and bazaars on Chand Raat so the Muhafiz and Elite Force personnel will conduct foot patrol there. Besides, policemen in plain clothes will also be there to control theft, pickpocketing and other street crime.

The district police have also tightened security at recreational places including Kasur Garden, Ganda Singhwala Border, Mehtabi Lake Changa Manga and Head Balloki.

DPO Mr Rizvi claimed that since 1st of Ramazan, each and every cop of Kasur police has been playing his due role for the public security. He also appealed to the people from all walks of life to cooperate with the police in this noble mission.