KARACHI -  Pakistan People’s Party Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has greeted the Muslims of the world and of Pakistan in particular on the eve of Eidul Fitr and appealed for simplicity in the wake of tragic terrorist attacks in Parachinar, Quetta and Karachi and accident in Bahawalpur during last two days.

“I wish to felicitate the Muslims throughout the world in general and of Pakistan in particular on the eve of Eidul Fitr”.

The end of the month of fasting should not mark an end of the pursuit of the values of tolerance and humility and shunning evil ordained in particular during the holy month, he said adding “instead it should be an occasion to pledge to abide by these values throughout the year”.

“Evil has reared its ugly head in different forms and shapes at different times in history. During our time it has reared its head in the form of religious bigotry and exploitation of the people in the name of religion”, the PPP Chairman said.

“We need to stand together in fighting to the finish the religious extremists who force upon people their bigoted interpretations of religious thought; we also need to fight together those who exploit religion for their own ends”.

On this occasion let us also remember the destitute and less fortunate and all those who have laid down their lives in the fight against militancy for the sake of peace in the country.

“May the blessings of Ramazan that has just ended remain with all of you for the whole year”.