FAIZAN JAVED - In the run-up to Eidul Fitr social media users are trying their level best to grab those last minutes best deals on discounted rates. The trend of online shopping has changed the mindset of customers. Different brands are trying to push their products through social media sites.

Customers aren’t happy with the in-store shopping experience, and retailers are stressed on this boom of technology.


Pakistani fashion designers have become a trendsetter and their fan following has now spread across the globe. Many designers have opened their outlets in other countries but the countries where they don’t have their outlets they cater to their clients by taking orders online and provide them their dream outfits for special occasions at their doorstep. Let’s have a look what they think about the changing trends of online shopping.

Fashion designer Emran Rajput said “One of the biggest perk of shopping online is that you can easily escape the burden of paying tax for the purchased item in city. People from abroad mostly shop online. We make outfits for them on order. During the season of Eidul fitr we do good business online. Everyone has access to internet and that is how they can easily pick anything online and get it delivered at their doorstep,” he said.

Designer Nilofer Shahid said “Online business has started to show rapid growth in Pakistan as well. We are going to launch our online service soon so, that we could untapped our customers not only nationwide but especially across the globe where we have huge fan following of our brand and high demand for our clothes,” she said.

Renowned designer Deepak Perwani was of the view that “We generate more business through traditional way of shopping in city because the customer prefers to come at outlet and purchase himself. We design outfits for our clients who are at abroad and they approach through our portal website,” he said.


The process of ordering food is simple, fast and convenient. Through your Smartphone you can order food online anytime from anywhere. Whichever food you currently desire, different apps offers the largest selection of restaurants for you on a just click way.

Talking to The Nation Khurram Khan owner of Tuscany Courtyard said “Tuscany presents an elegant, yet lively and amusing atmosphere, which gives the feel of Italian lifestyle. The online orders trend of food has affected customer in food world but in my branch of Lahore they don’t worry us. People still loves dine in.

Faizan Suhail owner of The Hashery said “The shopping aficionado find online shopping more convenient, reliable, hassle free and cheaper comparatively as it gives them a wide range of expediency and options to choose from. We offer the best deals on our Facebook page and other social media sites. Viewers visit all the pages and grab the best deals. Online orders are gaining momentum and why not customer loves it because they can experience more of the menu,” he said.

Banking deals

Banks are offering an array of discounts and deals at selected outlets and restaurants in Pakistan. On the eve of Eidul Fitr and Ramadan special discount rates are introduced to grab the attention of the audience.  However this year HBL offered 40% discount on options restaurant, 20% discount offer on Movin Pick hotel, 15% Discount on Amir Adnan clothing brand, 35% discount on beach luxury hotel.

Faisal Bank offered 15% discount rate on Pranzo restaurant, 20% off on Opium Chinese and Thai restaurant, 15% off on dining and 40% on room rack rates in Park Lane hotel, 10% off on hi-tea and 50% on room rack rates in hospitality Inn.

Silk Bank offered 10% off on Ziafat Restaurant, 15% on chenone, 15% on Fatima memorial hospital, 50% on Almas collection jewellery.

Allied bank offered 10% off on Bed&Bath by Afroze textiles, 15% off on village restaurant, 25% off on yearly membership and subscription of structure health and fitness, 20% off on tickets of Sozo world cinema, 15% on Frichicks fast-food restaurant, 100% discount on making design of Ashfaq Jewellers and 30% on room rates of Hotel Margala.

Deals of travel during Eid

A lot of families celebrate Eid upcountry to escape the heat and humidity in plains.

Owner of Destida Travel agency Tajwar said “Northern areas in Pakistan are the best holiday destination which attracts visitors across the globe. Tourism in Pakistan if we compare from last year has increased. We offer the best deals on our social media sites and through it they approach us. Especially on the eve of Eid people love to spend their time near the snowcapped mountains. So, yes we can say online business is gaining momentum and going head to head,” he said.

Owner of Travel & Tours Company Hamza Khalid was of the view “we organize tours in northern areas every week. Customer never prefers to come to the office we

 advertise our tour on Facebook page and through it they approach us. The transactions of payment are done online and booked on 50 percent down payment.  Families approach us during Ramadan and Eid season and few families spend the whole Ramadan in our resorts,” he said. n