Pakistan has become a vulnerable country to cyber bullying. Every day we come across our own fake profiles and shocked to see others impersonating us. That is so disturbing that now you cannot even trust your friends. Even if you are keeping your photos on privacy but opened for friends, still you are at a disadvantage. The solution is not to restrain ourselves from posting our own photos. But in fact, the authorities should start taking legal actions against the cyber crimes. In 2016, when the government introduced the cyber crime bill, several issues took brirth. Last night, my sister found her fake account on Instagram with another name. I told her to register her complaint on cyber crime cell. Do you know what did she say? She said cybercrime law has not been regulated in the country yet. That infuriated me enough and I am helpless now. Why do we have to go through such torture? Why cannot we have justice in Pakistan for our own people? Why is the government so selfish? We all are a pride of our nation. Yet, we do things that are totally inappropriate in our own roles.

If we do not take any legal action against such crimes, how can we go ahead and compete in the world? Making highways and buses will not solve those problems. The legislation of the country is a backbone of every government. If the backbone is not fixed, we all will be an army of a hunchback, asking other countries to have mercy on us. This is ridiculous that we cannot even help our fellows. I know even I say “I demand justice against cyber crimes”, no one will care about it.

There is enough work to do on cyber crimes. It has become common to make fake accounts leading to other suspicious activities around us. As a citizen of Pakistan, I am concerned about the security of our people. These fake accounts lead to suspicious activities around us. However, it is an alarming situation for our country where people don’t feel safe anymore.


Islamabad, June 5.