GUJRAT-A bridge connecting Karianwala, Gujrat with hundreds of villages has not yet been repaired even after three years of its collapse due to rain.

Temporary bridge has also been removed. More than 300 villages have been cut off from Karianwala along with Azad Kashmir. An alternative path has also been washed away in recent rains. Locals of the areas arranged iron girder to cross the bridge. Poor construction work caused the bridge collapse in July 2014 and a inquiry ordered had been issued from former DCO Gujrat, but as usual inquiry fell prey to the red tape. To restore the transportation, a temporary iron bridge has been installed where millions of rupees have been spent in shape of rent.

Over the repeated demands of locals, repair work of the bridge was started with Rs9m grant from the Asian Bank in April, 2017 but unfortunately, work has not been finished till the date besides the four-time inauguration of the bridge.

Bus service from Karianwala to Gujrat has been suspended due to the bridge collapse, the masses of the surrounding villages and businessmen have been facing problems. They had protested against the issue besides many other issues also had been raised. They were of the view that there might be a big increase in the estimated cost of the bridge under the cover of rainy season. They demanded early reconstruction of the bridge.