Hate crimes on Muslims are reprehensible, but so are blasts by militants. And in both cases, Muslims die. The attack on the worshippers leaving London’s Finsbury Park mosque after Tarawih prayers was a mirror image of the one on shoppers at the London Bridge Market, though it is not known how deliberate it was. This was hard enough a struggle to find out that the attacker was indeed a white named George Osborne, from Cardiff, let alone finding out where he got his ideas from.

Coming back from a mosque seems dangerous, and not just in London. A Muslim girl, Nabra Hassanen, was killed coming back from the mosque. She and her friends had got into an altercation with a motorist, Darwin Martinez Torres, who seems Hispanic from his name, and he went for them with a metal baseball bat. The friends ran away. But Darwin got her, and her body was found in a nearby pond. The local cops say there is no evidence of hate. It was road rage. Yeah, right.

US President Donald Trump saw two of his pet hates turn on each other. He doesn’t like Hipanics (especially Mexicans), and he doesn’t like Muslims. So maybe they could kill off each other? Martinez, going by his name, seems second-generation, and probably thinks of himself as white.

Well, he’s brightened President Trump’s life, which seems a little blighted by President Vladimir Putin, another white man. It’s been reported that Putin ordered that 2016 US presidential election hacked in favour of Trump. Obama is supposed to have done zilch, and so far, there has been no sign that a single vote was changed. However, instead of peaceably contemplating how he could get African-Americans and Native Americans into the action on the Hispanics versus Muslims action, he has been forced to deny stopping the FBI investigation into the hacking attempts.

There are all sorts of militants. Like the Russian claim that they succeeded in killing IS chief Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, which was followed by the USA downing a Syrian plane and then cutting its hot line to Russia to coordinate action in the air.

But though Islamophobes in the West try to take revenge, and though Al-Baghdadi may have been killed, militants are still active over here. On Jumatul Wida, we had blasts in Parachinar, one main one and then another later to target the responders, which killed 45. The target was probably policemen engaged in Eid shopping. In Quetta, 13 were killed in a car bomb blast outside the IGP Office. Were militants, like all other Muslims, striving to do good deeds in Ramazan?

It also seems militants don’t like cops. Well, who does, apart from their mothers? Certainly not Abdul Majeed Achakzai, the PKMAP MPA who compounded the agony of the Balochistan police by running over a traffic sergeant in Quetta. Even Kashmiri cops aren’t liked. A DSP, Ayoub Pandit, was outside a mosque taking pictures, when a mob set upon him, stripped him naked and then stoned him to death. Catch that happening to a DSP of the old school. For a start, they do not do anything risky outside a police station. They never come in contact with the public. Only suspects. And then it’s the suspect’s face in high-speed contact with a palm.

Well, Ram Nath Kovind, the old RSS man, is set to be elected President of India. Well, where else will the BJP turn if not the RSS? After all, that’s where it got its PM. And the BJP may also decide, after what happened last Sunday, to make hockey their national sport instead of cricket. I mean, they beat us at hockey twice over the last week, first 7-1, then 6-1, in the Men’s Hero World League, and got into the semis, even though they first thought they were out.

It just shows the hockey team has a better grasp of Pakistan’s foreign policy. If we want a normalisation of relations, that means going down to defeat in every sport, whether it be cricket, hockey or tiddlywinks. Unfortunately, Pakistanis don’t seem to understand foreign policy, especially not Punjab Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif, who wore a green Pakistan shirt while watching the match. Was that what PTI chief Imran Khan meant when he said he dressed like a member of the Mafia. Or was he referring to the hat that Mian Shehbaz wore to his JIT appearance?

The JIT has been accusing the CBR of not producing certain records. The CBR says the JIT has been given all records except one that it doesn’t have. Sounds like bureaucrats trying to throw the blame on someone else. Anyone else.

Oh well. So it goes. Now that Mufti Muneebur Rehman has allowed us, a happy Eid to one and all.