Diexi : Rescuers kept digging through rocks and earth for more than 90 people still missing Sunday after a huge landslide entombed a village in southwest China, but some relatives lost hope of finding them alive.

At least 10 people have been confirmed dead, a day after the avalanche of rocks buried 62 homes in Xinmo, a once-picturesque mountain village nestled by a river in Sichuan province, the local government said.

Only three survivors a couple and their one-month-old baby have been found since heavy rain brought down a side of the mountain early Saturday.

The official Xinhua news agency cited geological experts at the site as saying the chance of finding any survivors “was really slim”.

Huo Chunlai, wearing a lace-brimmed sunhat, returned from the affected site on foot. Her cousin and two aunts lived in Xinmo. She said locals asked rescuers to stop the search.

“There’s no hope they’re alive,” Huo said.

“The house is in one place here but the people who were inside were dragged way out over there. They’re not in the same place any more. The landslide washed away the people all over the place. You simply can’t find them any more.”

You Sunfang and her husband rode five hours on a motorbike from another village to get news about her uncle, but police would not let them into the site.

“If he had lived on the edges maybe there would have been hope. But he lived right in the middle of the slope where the landslide came down,” she said, wiping away tears.