ISLAMABAD - Former Pakistan squash national coach Jamshed Gul Khan has started producing wonders for ‘Life Time Fitness Squash Club’, as he helped them in emerging as champions of Tri Challenge Cup at Life Time Fitness West Chester New York.

Talking to The Nation from USA, Jamshed said: “I have always dreamt about of helping my beloved country Pakistan in producing champions in every age group. I left Malaysian national team coaching and accepted to coach Pakistan national squash team. I took it as a challenge and fully focused and worked on taking Pakistan squash to new heights. With the help of PSF president, SVP and secretary and especially hard work of the players, Pakistan players started climbing ladders gradually. We managed to win Asian titles, both at senior and junior levels, performed exceptionally at world team both at senior and junior levels.

“Those Pakistani players, who were written off and had almost quit squash, I not only brought them back, but also the same players played key role in helping Pakistan win and retain titles. Nasir Iqbal, Farhan Zaman, Tayyab Aslam and Farhan Mehboob played sheet-anchor role in helping Pakistan retain Asian Team Squash Championship title and after 15 years long and hard wait, Aamir Atlas Khan won Asian Individual Senior Squash title.

“But the conspiracy theory was at hits level best nobody paid any heed to my work, my achievements and I was thrown out. Anyhow, I never worked for money and kept on waiting as I was told that my services were required to groom natural talent. I was more than happy to accept that role, as I had produced players at grassroots level wherever I worked internationally,” he added.

He said but after waiting for around 20 months, he was left with no other option but to apply his trade in USA. “I had a number of offers during that lean period when I was not with the federation, but I wanted to wait and play major role in helping the PSF achieve its goals. After being left high and dry, I accepted the ‘Lift Time Squash Club’ offer of becoming Pro coach and director of squash and in just one year, I managed to win not only mega title for my club, but also working on all age group players, both males and females, and my students have already been creating waves in USA and soon they will be challenging the top in the business.”

Jamshed said Life Time Fitness got 124 clubs in USA and only 17 clubs got squash facilities. “I am associated at Bekeley Heights, New Jersey. Presently, I have 14 players, who are competing in US Junior squash circuit. Alysa Ali was number one in U-13 and number 2 in US rankings, now she plays in U-15 recently and was runner-up in gold events. Ayush Menon is U-17 and amongst top 8 in boys, Sarita Popat is top 5 in U-13, Maya Ninand is amongst top 10 in U-11 and Gabriela Roberto is U-15 promising female player,” he added.

He said his pupils were progressing well in US circuit. “Working in US, one has to be highly qualified/certified coach to attract the youngsters. US is the biggest PSA events organisers, as 75 percent of squash events are held here.” About Pakistan squash and its future, former coach said: “I heard so much about senior vice president Air Marshal Shahid Akhatr Alvi, Director Pakistan National Squash Academy Air Commodore (R) Aftab Ahmed Qureshi and secretary Tahir Sultan. They are highly optimistic, passionate and taking things very seriously. I hope and pray they will not play into the hands of certain individuals rather listen to the associations, focus on ground realities and give opportunities to genuine talent.

“I have some good plans for Pakistan squash and I am also ready to help it and offer the PSF to send players in USA, I will train them and completely transform them. If the PSF needs me, I am always ready to help them out in the best possible fashion,” Jamshed concluded.