KARACHI -  Eid cards have been the conventional mode of sending Eid greetings to family members, teachers, friends, colleagues and loved ones, but now only this trend has declined but has vanished altogether due to the common use of mobile phones, which have the facility of sending good wishes through SMS, WhatApp or other mobile applications.

The use of internet-based applications have promoted E-cards culture and almost eliminated the exchange of Eid cards.

Few years ago, people used to buy cards for their relatives, friends and loved ones from the stalls to wish them Eid, but now this trend is nearly over and hundreds of shopkeepers, who earlier used to sell cards, have changed their profession.

They say that mobile phone applications are cheaper and time saving which is the main reason why ordinary people are not interested in visiting markets to purchase Eid cards.

They informed that Eid card industry had been witnessing a sharp decline for the last few years.

Apart from this, the only month in which we have reasonable sales is February as Valentine’s Day cards are sold in this month which bring us more profit than what we earn in 30 days of Ramazan, they explained.

Farhan Abbassi, a student, told The Nation, “I have bought some cards for my teachers to wish them Eid. It is my last year at school and these cards will remind me of my teachers for sometime to come,” he said, and added, “Though I use social media, but to wish someone Eid by giving him or her a card has a special feeling.”

Mohammad Arsalan said that he used to wish Eid to people on social media, but since his fiancé was a bit conservative, so he was here to find a nice Eid card for her. He said that these were the practices in vogue in the past, adding that today the communication was very easy.

Talking to this scribe, many people wished they could have sent Eid greetings to their loved ones through cards, but since these were time consuming and costly they thought it better to drop the option.

It is easy via mobile texts and internet because we have just to press the button to wish Eid to hundreds of our contacts in a short period of time.





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