There was well-spread speculation in Sri Lanka , that one of the well-established cabinet ministers in the current government has instigated the extremist group Bodu Bala Sena which group’s actions opened a path to mayhem in Aluthgama, resulting in an internationalised disgraceful event in recent past. The petty target of such horrendous and slatternly actions was to bend Muslim vote bank in favour of that minister. If this whole episode is correct then the picture on the surface differs much from the reality in the system.

Like many other places, corrupted and insufficient establishments are flooding with rotten and useless arguments about symptoms without even touching the surface of the real disease most of the crises. The best example was jejune roars by the justice minister over the controversial comment made by an attorney in a recent television talk. Is that the major problem the country is facing?

The ending of the 30 years of blood sucking conflict has given a fearless situation, where people were facilitated to breathe freely. But, what are we seeing in little more than eight years after ending of the conflict? Once we sucked blood out of each other while letting our brothers and sisters to wet the soil with their life in premature deaths. Now, we are allowing mosquitoes to do the same operation in a different mode. Is this is proving that the administrative system in this country is driven by conjecture? If yes, then what would be the best solution?

There are arguments by various concerned citizens in the country on this very issue! Many have their own take while some of them are dreaming, advocating and waiting for leader like Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines to exercise the Sri Lankan version of Walking Death or to have yet another Immortan Joe in Mad Max: Fury Road. In other words, today many outspoken and politically motivated people are losing hope in the current system where the dream of populism is strengthening and sparking among the general public.

There is the vigilant point that we have missed when it comes to resistances of social moments’ against existence. Most of those who drive the moment to change the existing system narrowed their social activities into personal gains or they have deliberately forgotten how to manage the system once they won the battle. In other words; most of them have ignored the post-change period.

Many talk against Trump; but who talks and plan on what after Trump? Most talked against Rajapaksa, but a few people thought what after Rajapaksa? The missing link of most resistance movements is the lack of concrete plan once the mission is accomplished. This has given bitter experiences to many societies. Sri Lanka is no exception.

The pain of the price is much deeper than our imagination! 200 people died and another 63,000 plus people were infected with dengue alone within first six months of the year. This shows the outworn system of the country. Minister in charge of the subject irresponsibly says, dengue is inevitable when the country is achieving development goals. How many innocents are dying in ill-treatments either in public or private services? How many innocents are dying in road accidents? The list goes on and on and on.

What else do we need to declare the emergency situation to eliminate the germs bugging the social systems? That will be the option to finding the way to establish the healthy and easy access public services to the people in this country.

However, the president's decision to reduce to half the number of provincial councillors is a fine decision as general public well understood that the provincial council is nothing more than white elephants who eat the public resources for nothing. But, that is a needle attack on the shark in the ocean of deteriorated system.

As a general saying goes; it is “better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.”