As the school year comes to an end, university admissions have started to open up. Students from all over Pakistan would be filling in admission forms and applying for a program they would like to conduct further study in but before they reach the academic section of the admission form, there comes a “personal information” form. In that personal information form, there is a box listed, that box requires you to tell which religion you belong to. Oddly enough, that box is also ticked as mandatory. 

It makes you wonder, what does one’s religion have anything to do with ones tertiary education? Do you get special seats, special treatment, or special fee discount? 

Be it a government university, private university or even an armed forces university that option box could be found in every universities form. 

To me, it looks like that even in an education related environment, you will be judged based upon what religion you belong to, and not based upon your actions. 


Islamabad, June 4.