KASUR-Those who put others’ lives in danger by performing deadliest stunt “wheelies” do not deserve leniency and will be dealt with iron-handed on Eid days, DPO Syed Ali Nasir Rizvi said.

Talking to media, he said that the police have devised a comprehensive strategy to keep the roads safe from wheelie doers. For the purpose, the police will conduct patrol on the main roads of Kasur city to prevent youth from performing wheelies. The DPO said that the police have also set up pickets on Raiwind Road, Ferozepur Road, Ganda Singhwala Road, Pakki Haveli, Mustafabad Toll Plaza, Steel Bagh Morr, Changa Manga Road etc so that no one could dare to perform wheelies. He warned the one-wheelers and those who conduct motorbike race of stern action and said they will either be fined or jailed. He said all the SDPOs and SHOs have been ordered to arrest such elements and impound their bikes. He also urged the youth not to violate the law and they have to face the music otherwise. Mr Rizvi also appealed to parents to keep their children away from, what he said, “not a sport but a deadliest stunt.”