I am writing this letter to draw the attention of the concerned authorities towards an alarming and prevailing health issue in Baluchistan, i.e., the unbeatable cases of cancer. Cancer mortality in Pakistan, particularly in Baluchistan, is high, nearly 35,000 thousands cancer patients only from Baluchistan province undergo treatments in various hospitals across the country whereas treatment & hospitalisation charges are beyond the reach of needy families. As a result, each day we witness families seeking donation on social and electronic media. Besides that, there are hundreds of such patients in between the vast mountains of this naturally rich but most backward province hence they could not be caught by the eye of any media. 

Cancer has become a severe threat to people of all ages in Baluchistan due to unavailability of the cancer hospital, several patients are diagnosed late in 3rd or 4th stages in hospitals outside the province and due to late arrival hope for survival remains the least. Furthermore, the technologically advanced medical equipment in hospitals is not available the doctors fail to diagnose cancer patients appropriately on time thus are often discharged with medicines which are ineffective and irrelevant to the actual disease, causing intolerable adverse effects later on. Astonishingly, risk factors leading to cancer like chew-able tobacco, cigarettes, alcohol are readily available in the market for all ages without any restrictions. However, earliest detection ensures successful treatment & quick recovery by surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. I on behalf of whole Baluchistan cancer patients humbly request Imran Khan to inaugurate, a branch of Shaukat Khanum in the province with a proper implementation plan to save precious lives & Baluchistan Government must work out the options in CPEC as well to establish a cancer hospital in Gawadar by collaboration with Chinese Government. 


Quetta, June 20.