MULTAN-PTI Vice Chairman Makhdoom Shah Mehmood Qureshi has said that coming few weeks are very important for the politics of Pakistan as Nawaz Sharif's case is heading towards its end and every one will see its impacts on national politics.

Addressing the participants of an Eid Milan party organized in his honour by Tariq Bhutta here on Monday, he said that the past of both the PPP and PML-N was not impressive and people hated them. He anticipated that the ground is prepared for a change in the country and people would express their hate with Nawaz and Zardari by voting for bat. He declared that the PTI would fully implement its 100-day agenda if people exhibited trust on it in Punjab and centre. He said that the PTI would form South Punjab province which would usher in a new era of progress and prosperity in the region.

He said that 23 senators would be elected from South Punjab and local youth would get employment opportunities. He added that the young lawyers of the region would get representation in higher courts while the province would have its own funds. He said that the people would not have to travel to Lahore for their issues and all of their problems would be resolved at their threshold.

He said that the agenda of PTI and to bring change and create a new Pakistan could not be achieved until PTI formed government in Punjab besides centre. "That's why I request the people to trust PTI and vote for bat. PTI will come up to their expectations and introduce a new system," he added.

He said that he had an old bond with NA-156 and PP-217 as his father got elected MNA from Multan city. He said that he had come to revive this relation and decided to contest election from city area. He said that he and his family had no stain of corruption, adding that he always promoted good politics while discouraging the politics of thana and kutchehry.

He said that he rejected foreign ministry for the sake of politics of principles. He said that he contested 11 elections during his 32 year political life and lost just one. He said that it was not appropriate to contest provincial assembly election after holding foreign ministry portfolio but he was going to conteost n the order of Imran Khan. "He has told me that if the people exhibit trust on PTI , the party needs me more in Punjab than the centre," he added.

Will do politics of democracy, not election: Hashmi

MULTAN-Veteran politician Makhdoom Javed Hashmi has declared to withdraw from election, alleging that pre-poll rigging has been done.

Talking to the journalists here on Monday, he said that soon the plan for polling day rigging would also be unveiled. He said that he would do the politics of democracy and not election. He said that his target is to return to the Muslim League and he would prefer to become worker of the party than the Quaid. He said that he had told Nawaz Sharif in advance that he would not contest election but a senior leader of the party submitted his papers on phone. He said that he could have constituted a party like Sheikh Rasheed, had he desired to become party leader. He said that he is ready to contest against Shah Mehmood and Gilani had the party granted him a ticket. He said that he saved parliament in the past and he would do it again as he saw many problems.

He said that media released fake news about him, adding that he did not get justice. He said that the same chair hanged Bhutto and protected those who disintegrated Pakistan. "Why don't they open Asghar khan case?" he asked a question.

He said that Imran Khan talked against him when quit PTI and alleged that he had sold out PTI tickets. "Imran Khan is a liar and PTI is house of liars. They used to grant tickets to those whom they said would not be given tickets. Imran Khan cannot contradict this thing," he maintained.

He alleged that Mustafa Khar and Parvez Khattak kidnapped two girls while the symbols of looting were members of party. He said that Sheikh Rasheed was not so important that he could be mentioned by him.

To a query, he said that he did not know whether Shehbaz Sharif liked him or disliked. He said that he blocked the way of dictators in the past and he had the courage to do it again.