The Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal (MMA) and its revival is inherently based on the idea that the Pakistani political system has not modernised at all and its concerns are still based on the rhetoric that Pakistan is fighting anti-state powers. The manifesto put forth by the alliance is drenched in pan-Islamic sentiments and focuses on Pakistan playing a role in the Muslim world. However, as sentimental as that may sound - we live in the 21st-century global world where alliances are interest based and not on the basis of religion. An alliance which refuses to accept that not only neglects its own country in the process but also keeps its followers aloof from the ground reality.

Central leader Maulana Fazlur Rehman talked about the need to implement Islamic laws in the country and how that is the only solution for the current abysmal state. However, this again is a very general approach to the problems of the country. It is also a gross ignorance of the turn politics in the country has taken - to be more issue-based rather than making generalisations. This ideology, at the moment, lacks any outline of directed action to solve the problems and at the same time, also ignores the sectarian divide in the country when talking about the implementation of the sharia.

They are propagating the notion that there is a western agenda at play in Pakistani affairs and the aim is to destroy Pakistan. Such naive statements show lack of understanding of the polity and the global political setup as well. Gone are the days when the US played an important role in our policies - as are the people who would vote based on these generalisations. People nowadays want concentrated actions and concrete policies regarding pertinent issues.

They are urging the masses to vote for them with the promise that they will convert Pakistan into an actual social welfare state. They are promising a free and speedy justice system without actually providing the course of action they will take to address years of sluggishness and negated cases pending in the courts of Pakistan. Another promise that they are making is to convert Pakistan into an independent and sovereign country. If only these conjectures were more issue-based and concentrated towards solving the problems of the country rather than dealing with rhetoric - it would have prompted the voters to join this bandwagon of change.