Adulteration of food has become one of the sternest problems for the past few years. Sellers mostly adulterate necessary items like butter, ghee, spices, and milk, which are routinely consumed by people. The more we consume these products, the more are the chances of getting diseases like cancer, asthma, ulcer, etc. The adulterated substitutes being used by the shopkeepers are cheap and easily available but detrimental to health. The main reason for food adulteration is the fact that pure food is in short supply. The prices of pure food are high. The shopkeepers adulterate various food items and sell them at cheaper rates and in greater quantities to earn more money. Food production should be increased through better and modern methods.

More dairy farms should be opened to increase the production of dairy products like milk, cheese and butter. The transportation of food from villages to market places should be improved. The people involved in this malpractice should be punished heavily. The government should take immediate actions against this evil.

On the other hand, Punjab Food Authority has taken serious measurements against the adulteration mafia. It is concerned about all the food products such as the milk and has started an initiative of providing Pasteurized milk to everyone. It also confiscated 29,712 kilograms at the very start of 2019 to control the issue of loose spices. The Director-General of Punjab Food Authority, Captain (R) Muhammad Usman, has not spared anyone no matter how influential the accused brands are. The general duty of the people or the Punjab Food Authority is to first follow laws themselves before blaming others, especially the government or concerned authorities who are working day and night for the betterment of Pakistan. This is not a futile movement by the authorities but long term investment in making Pakistan enhanced and healthy.