Whenever there is a prominent dispute, social media is the first outlet to keep us updated about what is happening around the town. Similar incident took place between Zaid AliT and Ducky Bhai when they had a fight while competing over their E-gaming skills. It all started off when Ducky Bhai made a video to criticise Zaid for his childish way of playing PubG even after spending thousands of money on his gaming room. Meanwhile, in the video, he also told his team players that the one who roasts Zaid in the best possible way shall be added to his friend list.

The response given to the video by Zaid AliT was quite inevitable. Keeping the trend alive, Zaid Ali reviewed the video made by Ducky Bhai and pointed out how the grilling was not as amazing as he was expecting it to be. Zaid Ali, in return, asked Ducky Bhai to up his game already while identifying the flaws in his whole commentary.  

From “who makes the funniest videos” to “who plays well”, it looks like, the things are going out of hand and the situation is getting pretty intense.

But, wait!!! We have got it sorted this time with Mountain Dew. As the tagline says, “ Do the Dew”, which literally means to do something exciting and authentic, Mountain Dew is all set to provide these two energetic social media stars with a platform to decide who is the best and who wins the battle. Mountain Dew invites these two youtubers to have a real time challenge where they will be provided with an online battlefield having equal opportunities and no hidden fouls. The best way to decide the winner is to have a real face off where rules are transparent and two clear sides of the story are right in front of the whole audience. This fun and creative step not only intends to resolve the issue but is also trying to lighten up the intensity of their dispute. This is probably the most accurate and a prime way of uplifting and highlighting the trend of E-gaming and gamers in Pakistan and we must say that Mountain Dew is fixing it quite well.