ISLAMABAD - Justice (R) Javed Iqbal, Chairman National Accountability Bureau said that NAB believes in transparency and supremacy of law.  Chairman NAB said that ‘Double Shah’ was made ‘Single Shah’ by NAB when Rs 4 billion looted by Double Shah had been returned to the victims. He said that Rs 1.2 billion out of Rs 1.9 billion looted by co-accused in Double Shah case, Tasawar Gilani, has also been returned by NAB to the affectees.

He said cases of private housing societies which are under process in NAB would be completed as per law, as government servants and pensioners have been deprived of their life earnings despite receiving money.

He said that all the regulators should take notice of advertisements of fake and non-registered housing societies. They should check whether the society has received a NOC, has the layout plan approved from the concerned regulators or has land in its possession as per law.

Chairman NAB said honesty and ‘Rizk-e-Halal’ always prove beneficial. The earners of quick money should think that a man goes to his final destination empty handed. The Chairman NAB said that corruption is root cause of all evils which is eating all our resources gradually.