ISLAMABAD - The National Disaster Management Au­thority (NDMA) has dispatched ninth batch of safety equipments for doctors of Sindh, Punjab and Gilgit-Baltistan to fight against the Covid-19.

Two notifications were issued by the NDMA offering additional equipment to doctors of Punjab and Gilgit-Balti­stan to enhance their efficiency against Covid 19.

According to an official of NDMA, in pursuance of the national efforts to contain Covid-19, two Bio-Safety cabi­nets were allotted to the government of Gilgit-Baltistan by NDMA.

Similarly, he said VTM, SWAB, PCR testing kits and Nuclear Acid Extrac­tion Manual would be given to the gov­ernment of punjab.

Punjab has also been issued one lakh PCR Testing Kits and one lakh Manual Nuclear Acid Extraction Kits Manual. One lakh VTMs and one lakh SWABs are also being sent to Punjab. Two bio-safety cabinets are being dis­patched to Gilgit-Baltistan.

Sindh was also given 200,000 surgi­cal masks, 45,000 different types of ICU masks, 28,000 protective suits, 50,000 surgical gowns, 75,000 pairs of gloves and 25,000 pairs of safety goggles. In addition, 200 thermal guns and 5,000 plastic noises were also supplied to the government of Sindh.

In a statement, NDMA spokesman said that the Chairman NDMA Lt Gen Muhammad Afzal has announced to provide 20 oxygenated beds each to CMH, Abbas Institute Muzaffarabad, DHQ Hospital, Kotli and Bhimber. While 60 ICU beds, 30 nasal cannulas, 21 Bi­PAP and nine ICU ventilators would be given to three hospitals of AJK.