In old times, only the ignorant folk of small cities fell prey to the fortune-tellers. Now their victims include even the big city slickers. The practitioners of this craft today include amils, pirs, palmists and astrologists. All make money by charging advance fees for appointments or goading souvenirs out of their devotees. Their clientele ranges from common man to top politicians who pay the ransom of their fees for knowing the future. They have become such an integral part of our culture now that no matter what channel you switch on, they have a special segment to tell you what your stars say about your future or whether or not your luck has run out. Television promotes them big time. And if you are travelling to and fro somewhere, you are unlikely to miss the innumerable billboards of fortune-tellers that can change your life given half a chance and some money. Problems in marriage, infertility, fidelity of a husband, affection of a beloved, counter-curse against black magic, revenge from an enemy or dreams of becoming a millionaire, whatever be your desire, they can deliver. -SARDAR ALI, Lahore, March 24.