PPP and Zardari must have shivered every step of the way as Nawaz Sharifs' Long March procession swelled in numbers. After Aitzaz had been detained in his house, Kurd disallowed to leave Quetta, major leaders of lawyers arrested, it was the heroic Nawaz Sharif who took the risk of his life to make the movement a success, thereby ensuring restoration of CJP and judges. But ingratitude reigns galore as leaders of the lawyers, particularly Aitzaz Hasan hog the limelight, conveniently elbowing past Nawaz Sharif, Imran Khan, Qazi Hussein and the nationalist leaders from Sindh, Balochistan and NWFP to stand at the podium. Aitzaz Ahsan immediately started making personal political capital from restoration and has also 'won' some laurels for Zardari's PPP. In fact, he had started that process with a pre-restoration press conference under the banner of PPP. In all fairness to allies of struggle, if he had put up a PPP banner, he should have also put up banners of other parties and raised their slogans too. The fact that he did not do any of that shows that either he was wooing Mr. Zardari or trying to rally round the PPP dissidents around himself. -NOORURDIN ZANGIS, Bahawalpur, via e-mail, March 18.