Before coming into power, PPP had made a lot of promises about welfare of overseas Pakistanis in its election manifesto. Accordingly, it introduced many new schemes for their benefit after coming into power. For their welfare, the OPF increased its membership fee from Rs 900 to Rs 2000 to raise its coffers a little. Now the new federal Minister for Overseas Pakistanis, Dr. Farooq Sattar, right after taking the charge, announced speedy steps for welfare of, who else, but the overseas Pakistanis? There is talk of giving them quota in assemblies etc, etc. Meanwhile, an OPF circular letter with an 'application form for registration' has arrived at the houses of the overseas Pakistanis. The application has news about a new 'fund', which in Urdu has been called the 'Behbood' fund and in English a 'Welfare' fund'. The fee of registration for this Behbood or Welfare fund is 'only' Rs 2000. The form is totally silent about what this fund is. It also indicates nothing as to what is the advantage of this fund for the members. There is nothing about this on the OPF website either. -JAVED, Karachi, via e-mail, March 20.