The carnage at Liberty Roundabout is condemnable. The tragic death of our colleague Tanveer Iqbal in that incident is a great loss. We, the traffic wardens of Rawalpindi salute our colleague for his bravery. He did a tremendous sacrifice for the nation to uphold the slogan of our department "Proud to be a traffic warden". The traffic wardens serving all over Punjab have been put on the horn of the dilemma that has beset the department since its inception; we have to perform special security duties without having any weapons. In the VVIP movement on any route, for instance, the traffic wardens are deployed all along the route. Some wardens also assume the duty of security squad at one point or another, as late-Tanveer Iqbal did during the Sri Lankan visit. Ironically, these wardens are unarmed at all times. So how can they tackle any untoward situation? The traffic wardens have been trained in use of weapons as they have also gone through elite training course. But weapons they don't have. We demand that at least those wardens that are deployed for special duties should be armed. -NABEEL ANWAR, Rawalpindi, via e-mail, March 15.