ISLAMABAD - Conspiracy theorists were happy on Thursday after PML-N leader Mian Nawaz Sharif turned the table of much awaited and unnecessarily delayed constitutional reforms at the eleventh hour. They termed it as covert consensus among the major political forces to keep delaying the restoration of the constitution and that too on behest of the so-called establishment that always vies for status qou. Realists, however, described it as a never-ending race of credit bagging on part of both the ruling PPP and the friendly opposition of PML-N. It was the topic of the day minutes after Sharif said during his press conference that the dream of 18th constitutional amendment could not come true but nobody from either sides of the divide in the National Assembly could dare to speak even a word on it on floor of the House. Not even after Aftab Khan Sherpao of the PPP-S required the Government to explain its position on the top priority matter at present, apparently, for all political parties in the country. Silence on part of the Government after the PML-N cracker sabotaged its plan to table consensus amendment bill in Parliament on Friday, however, appeared to be vindicating the conspiracy theories about underhand understandings of the two big parties. The issue of barring the credit for this 'would be landmark restoration of the Constitution 1973 looks like so serious for the PML-N that it puts its popularity at stake after creating this last minute hurdle in the way of the amendment. Interestingly, it was Law Minister Babar Awan who made this announcement and that too outside the Parliament on Wednesday that the Government would table the constitutional amendment bill on Friday and the President would address a joint sitting in the afternoon. Would be empowered Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani had to follow the suit on Thursday when he announced the same early in the day. This clearly indicates that at least Premier Gilani was unaware about the plans of the PML-N to be made public in the evening. This was perhaps first time when even the emerging wring master Prime Minister could not save the day unlike he had managed earlier uncanny situations that were said to be highly detrimental for his partys rule. 'Who played in whose hands remained under discussion everywhere in the Parliament House but not spoke on the floors of the two Houses that were, simultaneously, in session. When everyone having an iota of patriotism was perturbed after Sharifs press conference, the National Assembly right at that time was listening to Health Minister Mukhdoom Shahabbidin on Hepatitis, the speech that he himself said in the beginning he had made several times even on floor of the House. Insiders believed that PML-N was not to block the constitutional amendment but knowing that it could not be done without them they were just trying to increase their weight. They also talked about some 'deep tracks that they claimed link PML-N with both the traditional military establishment and also with so called neo establishment.