The Peshawar University these days is under the strong grip of different student groups, most of which are politically based. Clashed between different student groups is frequent that has greatly disturbed the life of the institution. There have been clashes taking place among them on matters of trivial nature, which has destroyed peace of the university. The recent death of an engineering student Adnan khan belonging to Bannu, was the result of a clash between two students groups. It has also led to the closure of four varsity campuses. Whatever is happening is because of administration, which has turned a deaf ear to these groups. The university hostels are full of illegal students whose job is nothing but to run these groups. Under the circumstances, the administration needs to take strict measures and clean the university of the students running these political groups. A university should be a place of learning in which students may live in harmony. It should not be a place to challenge one another.-INAM ULLAH MARWAT, Pesahwar, March 22.