Constitutional Reforms Committee (CRC) has decided to present the 18th Constitutional Amendment before the two houses of the Parliament, rejecting the reservations of PML(N) on few of its recommendations. The issue of renaming of NWFP and differences on few other issues will be resolved with negotiations among the committee members, CRC chairman Senator Raza Rabbani told the newsmen after chairing hours-long meeting of the committee here Friday at the Parliament House. The committee discusses in detail the objections raised by PML-N chief Mian Nawaz Sharif in a news conference yesterday on the criteria proposed by the committee for the elevation of judges in higher judiciary and renaming of NWFP. The committee in its meeting today discussed few very controversial and complex issues related to constitutional reforms in detail, Rabbani said, expressing the hope that the consensus will be achieved among the committee members on all the disputed issues through negotiations.