FAISALABAD - The power generating from Tarbela Dam costs only 49 paisa (Re 0.49) per unit while the electricity being added from the Independent Power Plants (IPPs) costs Rs 8 and the power prices would touch the limit of Rs 15 per unit because of rental power plants. It was stated by former Wapda Chairman Shams-ul-Mulk while addressing a session on save water for prosperity as a chief guest at Old Senate Hall, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad. He said that the country has the capacity of producing 45,000 MW of electricity whereas only 6,000 to 7,000 MW is being generated, thanks to the flawed system. Refuting the concept of building small dams rather than a big one, the former Wapda chief said we had developed only 68 small dams since the inception of Pakistan. Only, Kalabagh dam would meet the water-storage capacity of 750 small dams so in this pace, we need 2000 years to construct the said small dams equal to the capacity of Kalabagh, he added. The former Wapda chief quoted the example of China, saying that to fight water crisis likely to hit the globe, they have constructed big dams beside 20,000 small dams. He said that the water in our rivers has started touching dead line. Pointing out the hazards of climate changes, he stressed the need to take tangible steps to battle the threat. The temperature of the world in the season of summer has broken all records in the last decade owing to climate changes, he said. He also informed the audience regarding scientists predictions that in the years to come, the number of rains in the summer will rise and in winter it would shrink from the average. After the drought, heavy rains will become responsible for the flood and both situation play havoc with human life. Dr Ashraf while briefing about consumption of water-use in agriculture said that a person consumes 50 liters water per day while 1,000 liters water is required to grow one kilogram of grains and vegetables take 2600 liters per kg. He said that 70 percent more water consumes in growing than the directly-use water. He said water is depleting rapidly in the world in general in Pakistan in particular. He called for building dams on war-footing as our country is likely to face worst water situation. Dr. Mushtaq Ahmed Gill said in 50s, there were 10,000 tube wells in our country but the figure has touched to 1.2 million and a tube well consumes heavy diesel or petrol that shrinks the pockets of farmers. He recommended other economical ways to get water for irrigation. He also recommended water farm to preserve the water.