ISLAMABAD Awami National Party has condemned the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) for delaying the Constitutional Reforms Bill 2010 and said that it (PML-N) had disappointed the people of Pakistan who were waiting for good news after 1971. Senator Haji Adeel of ANP said if PML-N had some reservations, it should have informed the committee two or three days before. He added that the issue on which PML-N had reservations was settled in the Constitutional Reforms Committee (CRC) and their representatives were also present during all the meetings of the committee. I think that their representatives should now resign from the CRC, Haji Adeel said. He said that the sudden action of PML-N had embarrassed the whole Parliament especially the government that has called a joint sitting after consultation with PML-N. He added that after Thursday press conference of Mian Nawaz Sharif, the popularity graph of Pakistan Peoples Party had gone up. He was of the view that it seemed as somebody had pressurised PML-N to do so as their members were quite satisfied till Thursday noon and were saying that all the issues would be resolved unanimously. Minister for Information & Broadcasting Qamar Zaman Kaira expressed the hope that the issue of renaming NWFP would also be resolved amicably like other matters. The Minister said that there was no deadlock in the proceedings of the Constitutional Reforms Committee, adding that difference of opinion over various issues was part of democratic system. He said Nawaz Sharifs statement had shocked the nation as the Constitutional Reforms Committee had finalised the draft of proposals for constitutional amendments and the nation was waiting for good news. He said that they had no doubt about the intentions of Mian Nawaz Sharif and hoped the issue would also be settled soon. He said the committee had almost completed its task in a very good and amicable manner and all the pending matters would also be resolved unanimously. The minister said the PPP had given the nation 1973 Constitution by taking all the political parties on board and it had resolved to restore the constitution to its original form by taking them into confidence. Kaira said that any step creating hurdle in the process of repealing the 17th amendment would hurt the sentiments of the nation. The committee was working on the package for last nine months with full dedication, he said. At this time when it had almost concluded its recommendations, it would be unfortunate if the process was scuttled. However, he hoped that Mian Nawaz Sharif would reconsider his stance. Kaira said that Nawaz Sharif was also in favour of the supremacy of the Parliament and the issue would be resolved within a couple of days. PPP wants to take all political parties on board as We do not want to force our opinion by virtue of our numerical strength and we want to take along smaller parties.