LAHORE - Senior Advisor to Chief Minister Sardar Zulfiqar Ali Khan Khosa has said there is no room for Ch Brothers in Peoples Party or Muslim League-N. He said Gujrat bye-elections were held in a completely fair and free atmosphere therefore Ch Pervaiz Elahi should accept the result. Addressing a press conference along with Adviser to CM Raja Ashfaq Sarwar, Sardar Zulfiqar said by initiating a successful election campaign in Gujrat, PML-N removed the fear of Chaudhry Family from the hearts of the people of the area and they exercised their right of franchise with complete freedom. He said PPP supported PML-N candidate and held meetings with it due to local conditions in Gujrat and also due to the fact that Benazir in a letter had held Pervaiz Elahi responsible for her would-be murder. Khosa said 'N' candidates will take an active part in future elections in Gujrat as well. He said PML-N candidate Haji Imran Zafar had no significant political standing and local team of PML-N conducted the campaign. He said gradually the corner meetings took the form of public meetings and the number of participants increased from 900 to 7500 and the media might have noticed this fact. He said a public meeting was held on March 20 at Azaadi Chowk which is an important place of Gujrat and the number of participants was more than 5,000 while thousands of people attended the election meeting on March 22 which was considered to be the biggest public meeting of Gujrat. He said that he did not want to respond to the comments of Pervaiz Elahi as it was below his dignity, however, Pervaiz Elahi should accept the results of election. He said he would like to remind Pervaiz Elahi that he contested election from two constituencies in 1993 and lost from one while barely managed to win from the other with 190 votes. He said Imran Masood was comparatively a lightweight candidate and could even be described as a courtier of Chaudhrys. He said Imran Masood also lost elections in 2008 when his master and founder of the party was present and the head of an agency himself encircled the names of candidates in red ink and PML-N was the main target. He said Haji Nasir defeated Imran with around 12,000 to 14,000 votes. He said due to hooliganism there was no polling agent of Nasir Mahmood at 56 polling stations. He said head of the agency was no longer in his seat nor police is there at the command of Chaudhrys therefore elections were held in a transparent manner. He said PML-N candidate Haji Nasir had won with about 14,000 votes at a time when Ch Brothers mentor, protector and founder of their party was in power. He said in the recent election, no polling agent of Nasir Mahmood was present at 56 out of 112 polling stations and even in these circumstances, the stooge of Chaudhrys, Imran Masood lost the election. He said there were 1,400 registered voters at polling station No 4 and the lead of PML-N candidate is more than 3,000 and even if all these votes had gone to Imran Masood, the PML-N candidate would still have won with 1,500 votes. Similarly, the District Returning Officer has sent the statement of the women referred to by Ch Pervaiz Elahi, to the CEC but she it named no political party. He said Ch Pervaiz Elahi is demanding reelection only on the basis of one polling station which is unjustified. He said it is beyond comprehension why Pervaiz Elahi has been objecting to these machines. In reply to a question, Zulfiqar said PML-N posters had portraits of Nawaz and Shahbaz and Ch Brothers should also have displayed portraits of their mentor Musharraf on their banners and posters. He said PPP considers Ch Brothers as the murderers of Benazir while Ch Brothers declare PPP as the murder of their father, therefore, how could PPP supporters vote for Ch brothers.