Most of Pakistanis have been eternally gasping for bread. They live gasping and die gasping. The affluent Pakistanis keep watching. What their eyes report to them is a national secret which shall never be known. The starving Pakistanis keep begging for bread. They must know that their motherlands constitution does not guarantee bread to them. Thus, they have only two options. Either they must somehow feed themselves or let starvation eat them. Lets forget about feeding and have a look at water. Once a poor Pakistani asked a minister: The masses have nothing to drink but poisonous dirty water. But our affluent brethren drink only imported distilled water. Why? O Why? The minister replied: Actually, the affluent Pakistanis dont like to drink imported water. Unfortunately, there is a shortage of dirty water. It is hardly sufficient for the consumption of the masses. If the affluent Pakistanis were to drink it, the shortage would worsen. The masses would be miserable. Thus, the affluent Pakistanis drink imported water only for the benefit of the masses. Instead of being critical you must be grateful to the drinkers of imported water. Nature has blessed Pakistan with huge quantities of top class fruits. We torrentially export these fruits. If we were not to export these fruits, the fruits would be available at dirt cheap prices. Even the common Pakistanis would be able to buy these fruits and eat them voraciously. The consumption of the fruits on a large scale would confer enviable health on the common Pakistanis. But we cant afford to let the common Pakistanis enjoy good health. It is in order to save the common Pakistanis from good health that we export our fruits abundantly. Nature has also blessed us with huge quantities of super class rice. We export almost every bit of it. If it was not exported, it would become available to the common Pakistanis dirt cheap. They would start eating rice round-the-clock. The non-stop consumption must create serious physical disorders. The eaters might start dying prematurely. It is to save the common Pakistanis from premature mortality that we export our rice. Despite the extreme economic misery of the masses they are extremely affluent in their baby-producing activities. The poorer a Pakistani is the more productive he is. Unfortunately, many babies die prematurely. But the producers are not at all bothered. They dont bother because they have the power to make up for the losses. They produce many times more babies than the babies which die prematurely. The poor fathers are condemned for producing babies whom they cannot feed. Actually, a poor father does not produce babies. He produces his own fathers. He has as many fathers as he had babies. Each little son works as a labourer and earns a few chips which he regularly pours into his creators rocket. Thus, every poor fathers sons are his fathers. No wonder, every poor father would like to have as many fathers as he possibly can. Of course, nature has been generous to Pakistan in certain respects. But it has been extremely cruel in one particular respect. Since Pakistans birth, nature has not allowed even a single supreme leader to be born in Pakistan. Look at the history of any great country. Each great country is great because of its supreme leaders. Since we could not progress without a supreme leader and since we were unable to create a supreme leader we had only one option. It was to adopt a supreme leader from abroad. We adopted America as our supreme leader. Nature condemned this adoption as a defiance of its will. By way of revenge, nature has created 'terrorism in Pakistan. Natures message is loud and clear. A country can survive honourably only on its own. If we want to appease nature, we must dustbin the adoption. If internationally we are a miserable non-entity, the credit is all our own. We must not be depressed. Barring a few countries, all the countries of the world are non-entities. We belong to the majority category. This should be somewhat soothing. The writer is an academic.