LAHORE Terming 2010 as year of general elections in the country, Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan has urged the party workers to prepare themselves, as he was no seeing the present government to complete its term. Addressing party workers at a reception hosted by Mian Hamid Meraj here on Thursday, he said the next elections would bring a revolution in the country as the masses wanted to get rid of the opportunist rulers. Ahsan Rasheed, Umar Sarfraz Cheema, hamid Meraj, Mehmoodur Rasheed and other PTI leaders were also present. Imran Khan said the like the higher judiciary, the PTI wanted neutral umpires in the election commission, as it would make coming elections free, fair and transparent. He said the rulers were hatching conspiracies against the independent judiciary but the PTI would not allow this to happen. He said the PTI could go to the extent of holding another long march for independence of judiciary and ouster of present rulers. He said this long march would end in Islamabad and not in Gujranwala. He stressed upon the need of stopping electricity theft, ending loadshedding and reduction in tariff. He said it was a pity that a rich man like Nawaz Sharif was paying only Rs 5,000 as tax. No one can detract Pak from its path: JI Ameer Jamaat-e-Islami Syed Munawar Hassan has said that no one can detract Pakistan from the path of Islam or enslave this nation in the presence of mosques and Madrassas. Addressing the Ittehadul Ummah session of the Jamiat-e-Talaba Arabia at Shahdara on Thursday evening, he said the religious Madrassas would continue to cause tremors in the world of the infidels. Maulana Amjad Khan of the JUI, Maulana Saifullah of the Jamaat-ud-Dawa, Maulana Abdur Rahman Madni of the Jamia Rehmania, and Maulana Javed Kasuri also addressed the gathering. Syed Munawar Hassan said that the US had announced its dominance in the world on the basis of technology and after the demise of socialism, it had taken Islam as its rival. It had started a war against the Muslims and was grabbing their lands and resources, he said. It was also trying to prove the Muslims as extremists and terrorists on the power of propaganda, he maintained. In Iraq and Afghanistan the US had rained tons of gunpowder but had failed to achieve its objectives. It had already been defeated in Afghanistan. However, he said, unfortunately, the governments in the Muslim countries were in the hands of US agents while the Muslim armies were advancing the US agenda. He said it was an irony that a Pakistani delegation was in the US for strategic talks but Washington was not prepared to trust this country. The US wanted to ignore Pakistan and build up India in this region and Pakistan was being pressurized to forget Kashmir and accept Indias supremacy.