ISLAMABAD (APP) - Minister for Petroleum and Natural Resources Syed Naveed Qamar assured the LPG Association of full co- operation to figure out its problems in the market as well as with Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA). Whatever my ministry and I can do for you, Ill always be there, the minister said this while addressing the 4th Annual Public Conference on Re-imaging LPG. Qamar said Pakistan was an energy-starved country, and concerted efforts by all stakeholders were needed to overcome this crisis. He said LPG had great future in Pakistan, and it had witnessed tremendous growth over the past two decades. He urged LPG Association and OGRA to sit together and sort out difference, however, he stated de-regulation was the future of oil industry where nominal control would reside with the regulator. Minister said Government wanted LPG be abundantly supplied in the market and that sufficient players should come to make venture in this sector. Chairman LPG Association Iqbal Z Ahmed they had continued to work with all stakeholders to promote/implement policies to improve the LPG sector the benefit of end-consumers and to ensure its sustainable development. The association has advocated the realisation of the additional local LPG production through an unimpeachable, transparent, internationally competitive bidding process to increase the availability of affordable product across Pakistan. He expressed gratitude to the President, Prime Minister and Petroleum Minister for initiating the process to increase local LPG production and for their support to Pakistans dynamic and highly competitive LPG sector. The chairman criticised OGRA for manipulating policies regarding LPG, and sought intervention of the minister in the matter. He read out certain letter written to OGRA or received from it, and complained of discouraging response by the authority. The growth in LPG sector, however, has been subdued by supply constraint issues. Despite phenomenal growth, LPG constitutes just a mere 1 percent of the total energy mix.