ISLAMABAD Investigations revealed on Thursday that the licence fee worth Rs 2 billion was never deposited to the account of Interior Ministry against issuance of the arms license between 2007-2009, which caused a huge loss to the national exchequer. It is worth mentioned here that higher authorities of the Interior Ministry, on directives of the apex court, have formulated a ten-member committee to compile record of the arms licenses issued between 2007-2009. The committee, during its preliminary investigations, found that the license fee worth Rs 2 billion against issuance of the large number of licences was never deposited to the Ministrys account. According to top-level sources, higher authorities of the Interior Ministry has cancelled 914 licences after they were found bogus. It may be mentioned here that the committee has, so for, verified 1042 licenses and out of these it had found 914 as bogus. Keeping in view this percentage, one can guess that huge number of licences might be found bogus. Interestingly, 11 out of 914 bogus licences belong to a female Parliamentarian of a opposition party, sources said. According to a source privy to the latest development, the investigators have found during preliminary investigations that a large number of bank challan were found fake, as the arm licence fee was never deposited. The sources further said four officials of the Interior Ministry were arrested on Thursday due to their alleged involvement in this scam. However, 'TheNation could not get official version in these regards, as Spokesperson of the Ministry did attend the calls. As the reports regarding cancellation of the arms licences has surfaced, a wave of fear and anger is likely to spread among many who might be deprived of their arms licences, if found illegal. It is pertinent to note here that a list of another kind of beneficiaries was submitted to the National Assembly On January 25, 2010. It revealed that total 29,000 licenses of both prohibited and non-prohibited bore weapons were issued by the Interior Ministry since 2008 against rules and regulations. As the list was made public last month, it exposed a large number of Parliamentarians and members of the Cabinet including the Interior Minister, who had issued 255 prohibited bore licenses to himself. The other members included Information Minister Qamar Zaman Kaira, who was granted over 130 arms licenses, Railway Minister Ghulam Billour 143 licenses, Minister of Power Raja Pervez Ashraf 69 licenses, Senator Rahat Hussain 85 licenses, MNA Rana Tanveer Hussain 59 licenses, MNA Malik Azmat 68 licenses, Tourism Minister Moulana Attaur Rehman 56 licenses, Defense Minister Choudhry Mukhtar 51 licenses, and scores of other ministers and Parliamentarians conveniently granted some 7200 prohibited bore licenses. As the committee has taken up task to verify of the validity of licences issued from 2007 to 2009, a female MNA of opposition party is the first parliamentarian who was deprived of 11 licenses, as they were found bogus during initial investigations. The sources told 'TheNation on Thursday that the investigators were socked when they observed that 713 licenses of prohibited bore weapons were issued to four high and mighty individuals. However it was not confirmed officially as the Spokesperson of Interior Ministry did not attend the call till filing of this report. However, the sources did not disclose the names of those individuals.