I wonder what the people of Pakistan are going to get from the constitutional package which the government say it is going to present in Parliament on March 26, 2010. The law minister was seen boasting on television on March 25 about this package. According to him: The nation will hear a very good news on March 26. I, as an ordinary citizen of this country, would like to know what an ordinary person will get out of this package. Nothing at all The question is, will this package bring down the prices of electricity, petrol, atta, sugar, gas and many other necessities of life? Will this package end the ubiquitous corruption? Will this package help force the corrupt mafia of this country to bring their wealth back to Pakistan? Or will this package end the loadshedding in the country I still remember that when Mr Farooq Leghari was President of Pakistan, one of our very able MNA Ms Tehmina Daultant threw her bangles and chadar at him while he was delivering his address in Parliament. Well its time for a similar performance by her or somebody else with the same courage and tenacity. Needless to say, we are sick of these politicians who fool us every other day by showing various kinds of gimmicks, and the constitutional package is positively one such gimmick. - TABREZ MUAZZAM SHAHANI, Rajanpur, March 25.