One is really ready to believe that Imran Khan has entered the next phase of his own style of politics. His last week call to the MQM Quaid Altaf Hussain was a surprise for many, though his justification for not pursuing the case he registered with the England court against Altaf Hussain for the May 12 massacre in Karachi was not convincing. One can understand that he is now thinking in wider canvass of Pakistani politics whether if his party is widely elected throughout the country, he would be able to take along the MQM in Karachi. The most recent is his call he made during his talk with an anchor on a private TV channel that Pakistan should apologize from the people of Bangladesh for the 1971 massacre of Bengali people, which speaks of his wish to probably be acclaimed at the international level, politically. Although it seemed he succumbed to tricky nature of the anchor, who succeeded in provoking him on such a sensitive issue of yesteryears. But in the course of his spoken spree, he forgot to give credit to the Pakistan armys hundreds of jawans and officers who sacrificed their lives in their relentless effort to protect the eastern wing of Pakistan at that time. It is an open secret that it was Indian RAW that had created Mukhtibahini, which conducted the massacres in the name of Pakistan Army in order to defame it. Famous Bangladeshi writer and researcher Dr Chandra Bose in her recent article has exposed it all, that the massacre for example that of Jaysore was made by the Muktibahini and not by Pakistan Army. This is however very well known that actually the people of Bangladesh did not want separation, but it was in fact the game well played by the international players in collaboration with India and the inside moles. The love of Bangladeshi people for Pakistan is evident from their fullest support to the Pakistani cricket team players in the World Cup quarterfinal match against Australia, and the team captain, Shahid Afridi certainly thanked them during his talk to Wasim Akram. The Bangladeshi people it seems dont have any doubts in mind, otherwise they would have demanded an apology first. A number of sane voices from within them still realize that the game plan was made somewhere else. President Musharraf, during his visit to Dhaka, laid floral wreath on the Bangladeshi shuhada of 1971 war. He was also willing to hand over the body of the Bengali co-pilot of Rashed Minhas. Such statements only help the enemys point of view, not ours. Besides when we talk of Pakistan, we unknowingly make Pakistan army a party to the debacle, while the politicians were equally responsible. F Z KHAN, Islamabad, March 25.